dimanche 27 janvier 2013

Los precios del oro

Modus operandi Qiza Card and Mr Card

How Visa Card from Bank of Egypt, for example
If you carry a national identity card Go to your nearest branch of the Bank of Egypt and ask for a green card Card online and pay only 10 LE and Fill in the form and wait 12 to 14 days and received a easier way to pay online
Not only bought the card and that the experience
Do you require a work this card and a current account with a minimum?
Does not require anything other than a personal card +5 LE according to the latest 

Gold prices Thursday, August 16, 2012

Los precios del oro cayeron en las primeras operaciones del miércoles, y el precio se redujo en 24 gramos 4,25 libras, mientras que el precio de un gramo de 21 quilates aumentó en 3,75 libras, mientras que el precio de 18 kilates gramo por 3,20 libras, la libra ha caído cerca de 30 libras de oro.
Libra de Oro
24 mm
De 21 quilates
18 quilates
Los precios del oro Jueves, 16 de agosto 2012

Gold price in morocco